Founding Story

The Carnegie Mellon Buggy Alumni Association was founded in the summer of 2008 after it became clear that there was both a need and an interest in an organization centered around buggy for all members of the buggy world, past and present.


The founding members defined 5 goals to guide the organization’s efforts:

  1. Preserve and make accessible the history of the sport
  2. Provide a channel by which alumni can remain connected to and support the sport
  3. Support and improve undergraduate participation
  4. Improve relations and raise interest in the greater Pittsburgh community
  5. Unite alumni across organizations

What are we?

We are an Alumni Interest Group from Carnegie Mellon University. That means we are non-profit, officially recognized by Carnegie Mellon, and generally based in Pittsburgh. We are open to anyone who is interested in buggy; you need not be a “Buggy Alumni” to get involved. We work with plenty of current CMU students and other buggy fans.