Join the Team

Most of the services of the Buggy Alumni Association are available to everyone in the buggy and CMU community. We want the hard work we have done collecting, organizing, and sharing the past and present of buggy to be enjoyed by all. We also want everyone to benefit from stronger, broader participation in today's buggy races. By becoming a member, you can support these goals and let us and the school know you agree that buggy is the best and should be supported.

Benefits of being a member

  1. Supporting our mission: The most important reason to become a member is that we can't operate without a budget. Most of our services are all-volunteer and low-cost. When we do spend money we try to ensure we get the most bang for our buck. For example, we paid 50% of the cost of renting a new timing system in 2010 so that Sweepstakes could test it out for a full month before races and ensure it would be the revolutionary improvement we expected. Ongoing rental of the timing system fits within Sweepstake's annual budget. More info about our goals and our activities can be found in the About Us section.
  2. Special communications: We contact our members directly a couple of times per year with in-depth updates on the buggy world. No more coming back for carnival and wondering who is good these days, or what big drama is unfolding. Check out the 2009 and 2010 Raceday Previews for example. You're going to want one of those in your inbox.
  3. Raceday Reception: Each year we host a reception after the races on Friday for fans and alumni to meet up (in real life for once, not just on the internet), have some food, and talk about the morning's races. It's suggested that you become a member if you come to the reception since the food ain't free.
  4. Members-only Specials: We're constantly trying to think of ways to entertain and help out our members. You'll be first in line for prizes, discounts, and anything else can put together.

Wow! How do I join?

To become an official member of the Buggy Alumni Association for the year, all you have to do is give a gift of any size. Any amount is fine, we just want to know that you've got our back. All gifts are tax-deductible and funds go directly to the CMU Buggy Alumni Association allowing us to rent timing systems, jumbotrons, and have receptions.

Being a member of the Buggy Alumni Association is an annual commitment, and our "year" starts and ends at Raceday. All gifts received before and during carnival make you a member of the BAA team for that race-year. For example, gifts received May 2011-April 2012 make you a member of the 2012 team.

Join (or Renew) Now


  • The "Join Now" button will take you to the CMU giving site where you'll see on step 2 that the Buggy Alumni Association has been pre-selected as the designee. Thank you!
  • We only get updates on who has become a member once a month. To get your new membership processed immediately, forward your gift confirmation e-mail to
  • Registering on this site is free and unrelated to becoming a "Member." Registering allows you to post in the forum, upload pictures, etc. You can register here.

Check the Roster

Listed below are the generous and wise buggy alumni and fans that have become members since our founding in 2008. We especially thank our inaugural members and our multi-year supporters that have helped make this organization the strongest, fastest growing alumni group from CMU.

Our record keeping hasn't always been impeccable, so if you think you have been omitted from this list, we sincerely apologize, and by all means let us know. Just send an e-mail to and we'll straighten it out.

Member Grad Year 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Evan Acevedo2012
Michael Adler1995
Shobana Albrecht1989
Kayla Aloyo2012
Lenny Chi-Lok An
Joseph Anderson1982
Marissa Arney2000
Bryan Arsham2008
Joshua Ayers
Tim Bach
Edward Baker2012
Dani Barnard1998
Gwendolyn Barr
Raymond Barsa
Nick Basso2009
Elon Bauer
Dan Becerra2012
Jennifer Beck1996
Matthew Beck1995
William Behnke
Erin Behnke
Barry Benjamin1973
Daniel Benjamin2011
Steve Bennett
John Milo Beranek1989
David Michael Berendt2000
Ken Billet2000
Kimberly Billet
Cooper Blake
Ronette Blake2004
Bryan Bleda2012
Eric Blood2009
Paul Bohn1961
Nik Bonaddio2005
Josiah Boning2012
Andy Bordick
John Brandt1980
Jillian Brinberg2013
Jason Brown1993
Katrina Brown
Link Brown II
Rachel Browne2014
Eric Bruner2012
Michael Bueti2007
John Burgay1984
Edward Cao
Edward Carleton2007
Drew Carleton
Stephen Carlton
Bridget Caster
Serena Chan Saw
David Chandler
Patricia Chandler
Andrew Charters2010
Janice Chen
David Chickery
Geneva Clark
Bruce Cloutier1976
James Coffin1980
Ben Cohen Cohen
Ben Cohen2012
Louis Conley1973
Dave Conley
Joey Cordes
Katherine Crawford2002
Edward Crinnion Jr
Roger Cunningham1953
Steven Curtis2007
Chad Darby1992
Brian Davidson
Laura Davidson1989
Ryan Davis
Rob Dax1972
Shandor Dektor
Duane Delaney1990
Alexis dePlanque1993
Paul Desiderio2010
Kevin DeVos2010
Christopher DiAndreth2012
Steven Dieckmann
Donald Diertrich1972
Donald Dietrich1972
Teresa Dietrich1999
Amanda DiIenno2009
David Dillon1989
Aileen Dinin2007
Michael Doherty2000
Joshua Dowd2010
Kevin Dowling1983
Sarah E. Suhan2010
Peter Edge2010
Daniel Eisenberg2010
Rachelle Emard
Evan English2005
Mark Estes1987
William Feige
Thomas Felmley1987
Thomas Ference1989
Daniel Fernandez2003
Henry Finch
Alastair Firth
Steven Ford2013
Natalie French2012
David Fry1975
Gregory Fuhrman
Cheryl Fuhrman
Matthew Gallabrese2012
Erin Gantz2010
John Gemellas
Neil Goeckner-Wald2013
Jonathan Goettler2009
Aiton Goldman1999
Guillermo Gomez2012
Barry Gordon1969
Chuck Gough1955
William Grathwohl1984
Lawrence Greenfield
Joan Griffin
Laura Gurwitz2011
Margaret Hall
Ken Hallinen1982
Charlotte Heim1983
Farrel Helfer
Jeremy Henriksen2001
John Heyel
Jean Heyel
Lauren Holz2001
Mark D. Hoover1979
Katherine Hopke
Frederick Hopke
Steven Huber2009
Elizabeth Huber
Robert Huebner
Michael Hufford1980
Andrew Hundt2009
Michael Hurwitz1998
John Hvizdos2013
Jared Itkowitz2009
Marilyn Johnson
Rachel Johnson2013
Anthony Jones1984
Kevin Joy1989
Danny Kane2012
Matthew Katase2012
Tom Kelleher2001
Sean Kelly2007
Jeffrey Kenausis
David Kinskey-Lebeda
Daniel Klein
Carsen Kline1999
Benjamin Kman1991
Samuel Korman2010
Julia Kramkova2010
John Kubasiak2007
John Langford
John Lape III
Matthew Laroche2006
Erik Larson1996
Amy Larson
Kurt Larson
Eric Lawson2011
Melissa Lee2009
Christina Leffard
Christopher Lewis
Elizabeth Li
Elizabeth Li2013
Taylor Libby1994
Lianna Littrell
Graydon Loar
James Lorenzi1977
Joanna Lovering2004
Mike Mackin2012
Beth Maier
Jennifer Major2012
Silvia Manolache
Robert Marcoux
Peter Mariani1983
Aaron Marks2009
Louis Marquet1958
Lionel Maten
Ben Matzke2011
Alexander May2009
Adam McCue2007
Ian McCullough2000
John McGraw2009
Sarah McMullen
Stephen Mead2010
Khary Mendez1998
Annett Merlino
Lauren Milisits2013
William Miller
Andrew Milmoe1991
Michelle Mirabella2010
Jacob Mohin2010
Antonio Moretti2008
Christopher Muenzer2000
Roxane Mukai1998
Charles Munoz2012
Devin Murray2010
Junki Nakayama2013
Vishesh Nandedkar2007
Amy Ng1999
Carl Nott1998
John Novak
Sean O'Loughlin
Shauna Ormon2009
Michael Ott
Nancy Ott
Tejas Pathak2004
Benjamin Pattison-Gordo2013
Daniel Pehush2010
Ronald Pellman1963
Becky Peterkin2013
Rebecca Peterkin2013
Karyn Peterson
Brian Pfiffner2011
Glenn Philen2015
Marc Phillips
AJ Pichardo
Perry Pierce1989
Kathleen Pierce1989
Thomas Pierce
Susan Bailey Pierce
Brittany Pierce
Casey Piper2011
Robert Piston
Sara Player2005
James Plymyer
Scott Poff2004
Donna Powell1965
Michael Presyman2007
Ian Price2009
Zhi Qiao
Mark Radel1996
Keshav Raghavan2011
Nicole Rappin2011
Louis Raymond Jr
Ronald Ree1972
Rebecca Reesman2009
Patrick Regan
Joanne Regan
Michael Rem2007
Amy Revak2012
Delmar Ritchie1957
Frank Robb1973
Ron Robinson2007
Patricia Robinson
David Rosen
Jacob Rosenberg
Hannah Rosenblum2009
Coleman Rusnock
Elliott Sacks1977
Michael Saitta2013
Francisco Santiago2011
Anthony Santos
Serena Saw1993
Sarah Schipul2004
Karen Schmitt
Tim Schneekloth2003
Janice Schneekloth (Golenbock)2001
Charles Sciulli1953
Madison Scott
Sean Sechrist2010
Michael Serebrennikov2012
Jaimin Shah
William Shank1983
Matthew Sheby
Chris Shellhamer2012
Mary Shettel
John Shettel1977
Gary Shushnar1972
Dan Sibley2010
Carol Sibley
Scott Sibley
Rob Siemborski2003
Jay Simmoms1973
Shafeeq Sinnamohideen2000
Gretchen Marie Smathers2013
Michael Smith1989
Jarett Smith
Jennifer Smith
Shaleya Solomon2009
Maddie Stearns
Christopher Stengel1993
Donpaul Stephens1994
Rhoads Stephenson1958
Suzanne Steven
John Steven1994
Howard Stevens1962
Luther Stevens1965
Christopher Stratis2001
Karen Stromberg1983
Thomas Strong1992
Heather Strong1993
Korrinn Strunk2009
Shawn Stufft
Abigail Sullivan1998
Ryan Sullivan
Andy Summers1971
William Swarm1991
Jude Sweeney1987
John Sweeney
Sam Swift2004
Wayne Tamarelli
Cherlisa Tarpeh2007
Paula Thrasher2000
Jessica Thurston2009
Trevor Torigoe2010
Dan Troyer
Mark Trumpbour
Nicole Tseng2010
Philip Tubesing1989
Jeremy Tuttle2010
Joseph Usoff
Damian Valdes2010
Bill Vandermark
Teresa Vandermark
Michael Velez
James Viel
Robert Voigtmann2009
Ian Voysey2009
James Wade2002
Kathleen Wade
Matthew Wagner1987
Alan Wagstaff
Zachary Waldman2010
Janice Weinberg2009
Dana Weinstein2011
Andrew Widdowson
George Wilson
Justin Winokur2010
Joshua Wise2011
Anne Witchner1973
Donald Wood1954
William Thomas Wood1974
Nicholas Wren2009
Jake Yakubisin
Grace Yakubisin
Lena Yoo2009
Dave Yuhas
Brett Zakeosian2010
Conrad Zapanta1991
Vincent Zeng2009
Hanrui Zhang2013
Scott Ziolko2001
Total Members 80 89 113 105 124 99