Picture of Buggy
Year Team Place Prelim Prelim Reroll Final Final Reroll DQ / Notes
1974Men's B62:30.002:31.80
1973Men's B112:40.20
1972Men's ACrash
1971Men's BCrash
1970Men's A62:32.60Contact Hit TDP A in finals while attempting to pass both other buggies
1969Men's A42:30.30 DNF Prelims. Reroll granted
1968Men's A2:27.20Drops
1967Men's A2:30.15Drops
1966Men's A22:29.50
1965Men's A22:31.772:31.90 Contact with BTP A
1964Men's ALoss of Mass Crash in chute, causing hatch to fall off
1963Men's A113:11.45 Spun in chute, but kept going
1962Men's A12:26.402:27.50
1961Men's A12:27.20
1960Men's A12:27.002:34.50
1959Men's B
1958Men's B32:33.802:45.00
1957Men's A12:25.00 Tied course record
1956Men's B42:33.00
1955Men's A12:28.302:26.00 Course Record
Year Awards
19746th Place Men's
19703rd Place Design
19694th Place Men'sDNF Prelims. Reroll granted
19662nd Place Men's
19652nd Place Design
19652nd Place Men'sContact with BTP A
19621st Place Men's
19622nd Place DesignVerify
19611st Place Design
19611st Place Men's
19601st Place Men's
19591st Place DesignVerify
19582nd Place DesignVerify
19583rd Place Men's
19571st Place Men'sTied course record
19551st Place Men'sCourse Record
19552nd Place Design