Sweepstakes Positions

  • 2010 Buggy Book Chairman


2010PrelimSDC Men's ADriver2:04.616DQ: Fire safety
2010PrelimSDC Women's ADriver2:28.144DQ: Fire safety
2009FinalSDC Men's ADriver2:03.301Course Record
2009FinalSDC Women's ADriver2:25.601Course Record both days
2009PrelimSDC Men's ADriver2:05.301Course Record
2009PrelimSDC Women's ADriver2:26.001Course Record both days
2008FinalSDC Men's ADriver2:04.502Course Record in Prelims. Broken the next day
2008FinalSDC Women's ADriver2:28.841Course Record in Finals
2008PrelimSDC Men's ADriver2:05.552Course Record in Prelims. Broken the next day
2008PrelimSDC Women's ADriver2:31.151Course Record in Finals
2007FinalSDC Men's BDriver2:12.504
2007PrelimSDC Men's CDriver2:26.1514