Most of the services of the Buggy Alumni Association are available to everyone in the CMU community. We want the hard work we have done collecting, organizing, and sharing the past and present of Buggy to be enjoyed by all. We also want everyone to benefit from stronger, broader participation in today’s Buggy races. By becoming a member, you can support these goals and show your commitment to the betterment of Buggy to the University. We are extremely grateful to all of our members and hope you’ll become one today!

To become an official member of the Buggy Alumni Association for the year, all you have to do is give a gift at one of the levels below. All gifts are tax-deductible and funds go directly to the CMU Buggy Alumni Association or the Buggy Endowed Fund, as applicable.

Being a member of the Buggy Alumni Association is an annual commitment, and our “year” matches the CMU school year. All gifts received between July 1 and June 30 make you a member of the BAA team for that race-year. For example, gifts received July 2021 – June 2022 make you a member for Raceday 2022.

If you are a graduating senior, you can receive free membership for your first year as an alum. Check out the details here!

Membership Levels

Annual Membership

This is the standard membership:
You’ll receive the Raceday Preview and other BAA publications and have access to BAA-only events!
Our suggested donation for this level is $20.

If the fund designation is not filled in automatically, please search (by typing in the Designation box) for “Buggy Alumni Chapter (Association)” for your gift.

Golden Goose Lifetime Membership – $1,000+

At this level, you’ll receive LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to the BAA and your name will be added to a commemorative plaque in the CMU Cohon University Center.
Note that donations at this level should be designated toward the Buggy Endowed Fund.

If the fund designation is not filled in automatically, please search (by typing in the Designation box) for “Buggy Endowed Fund” for your gift.


  • Support the BAA mission: The most important reason to become a member is that the BAA cannot operate without a budget. Most of our services are volunteer backed and low-cost. When we do spend money, we try to ensure we get the most bang for our buck. For example, we paid 50% of the cost of renting a new timing system in 2010 so that Sweepstakes could test it out for a full month before races and ensure it would be the revolutionary improvement we expected. Ongoing rental of the timing system fits within Sweepstake’s annual budget. More info about our goals and our activities can be found in the About Us section.
  • Support Buggy as a sport: In connection with Buggy100, the BAA, University Advancement, the Office of Alumni Relations, and others worked to set up a Buggy Endowed Fund to support Sweepstakes in perpetuity, administered jointly by the BAA and CMU. Yields from the Endowed Fund will be awarded by a board of BAA Officers, CMU staff, and current Sweepstakes officers each year to support the continued success and growth of Sweepstakes.
  • Special communications: We contact our members directly a couple of times per year with in-depth updates on the buggy world. No more coming back for carnival and wondering who is good these days or what big drama is unfolding. Check out the 2017 Raceday Preview – you’re going to want one of these in your inbox.
  • Members-only specials: We’re constantly trying to think of ways to entertain and help out our members. You’ll be first in line for prizes, discounts, and anything else we can put together.

Current Members

Below is a list of current members for Raceday, as well as their associated levels. Spot an error? Just Donated and want to speed up your membership? Update your email address? Fill out this form!

Please let us know if you have any questions.