Picture of Buggy
Year Team Place Prelim Prelim Reroll Final Final Reroll DQ / Notes
1967Men's A12:24.80 Course Record
1966Men's A32:29.402:30.50
1965Men's B62:36.27 3rd in consolation
1964Men's B Collision with PKT A. Reroll
1963Men's A12:34.402:31.75
1962Men's A22:33.902:29.80
1961Men's A22:32.80
1960Men's A32:32.402:41.80
1959Men's A12:29.70
1958Men's A22:36.802:43.00
1957Men's A22:29.40
1956Men's B32:32.002:32.60
Year Awards
19671st Place Men'sCourse Record
19663rd Place Men's
19656th Place Men's3rd in consolation
19631st Place Men's
19622nd Place Men's
19612nd Place Men's
19602nd Place DesignVerify
19603rd Place Men's
19591st Place Men's
19582nd Place Men's
19572nd Place Men's
19562nd Place Design
19563rd Place Men's